Gonorrhea Symptoms

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorhoeae that infects the lining bladder, cervix, rectum, throat, and the white part of the eye. The disease gonorrhea may spread through the bloodstream to other parts of the body, especially the skin and joints.

If the disease is gonorrhea in women, then she may feel pelvic pain and reproductive disorders. The disease gonorrhea is not only attacking men and women. But newborns can be infected with gonorrhea even from his mother during birth when there is swelling in his eyelids and ooze pus. If not promptly treated and untreated, can cause blindness in babies.

Gonorrhea Symptoms

In men, it will come out of the pus from the urethra, and it was very hot like fire

In women, the infection can occur in the urethra, vagina or cervic.

Women may also experience abdominal pain is very great

Increased discharge from the vagina

End of the testicles is red and swollen

Feel tremendous pain when urinating

Greenish yellow urine

Preventing disease Gonorrhea

The only way to prevent disease gonorrhea is to avoid free sex lifestyle and be faithful to your partner. With free sex, we could easily contracting disease gonorrhea. Therefore, in order to break the chain of disease gonorrhea is, we do not have multiple partners in sexual intercourse. Because we never know when someone is suffering from gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Treating disease Gonorrhea

We can visit a dermatologist and sex to get the best treatment. In addition, we can also use traditional medicine using the materials – materials aad around us.

Here is a traditional recipe gonorrhea treatment:


Root alang – alang 300 gr

2 lt Water

How to create and use:

Wash clean grass roots – grass, then cut – cut

Boil the pieces of the roots of weeds with 2 liter of water until the remaining only 1.2 liters

Once cool, boiled water is divided into 3 parts

Drinking during 3x daily (each – one 400cc) for 10 consecutive days – were

Do not forget to always check your health and the people you care about. However prevention is better than late is not it?