The Wanted At Box Emergency

Everything in this world can not be separated from the disaster, which certainly can not be predicted and often comes suddenly. Be it a small or large scale, which is why you usually advisable to provide First Aid supplies (P3K).

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, not least in the house. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the existence of the box P3K as a way to anticipate things that are not desirable for the whole family.

There are many stores that sell P3K box next to it, but sometimes incomplete. Instead of buying a package, buy the box and its contents separately to make sure all your needs are met. To that end, here are some things you need to consider the following in preparing P3K box at home.

Choose small boxes or bags are lightweight, easy to carry, yet still be able to load all the first aid supplies. Box P3K also be waterproof and easily opened when needed, especially if you are going to travel as far.

Next make sure you meet P3K box with basic medical supplies. According to, equipment that must exist is antiseptic swabs, plaster wound closure, alcohol, spray or lotion anesthetics, gauze, bandages in various sizes, gloves, antibiotic ointment, iodine, scissors and tweezers.

The number of each item you can customize the number of family members living in the house. There are some small appliance or light as a band-aid or gauze, the more you provide the better.

Do not forget to provide medications for each family member. If one family member has allergies, be sure to allow anti-allergic drugs with a prescription given by a doctor.

Separate placement equipment P3K in two parts. The first section contains all the medical equipment, such as plasters, bandages, ointments, and so on. While the second part containing drugs. To make it easier, place it in a box that has a bulkhead or designed terraced.

Clean the inside of the box and the box contents P3K and updated every six months to check for completeness and determine whether there is an item that is outdated and should be discarded.

All supplies should be labeled and P3K set to be used as practical and easy as possible. Put the box in a place easily visible and accessible by adults, but keep out of the reach of children.

Another thing that is important to complete P3K box in your home is to include emergency phone numbers, such as number of hospitals, emergency care, or a personal physician.