Cough can be cured by suggestion

Almost everyone must have had a cough in the day-to-day life. However, there is often misunderstanding the definition of cough itself. Coughing is often referred to as a disease that must be cured by taking medicine. In fact, the cough itself is not a disease.

Cough can occur due to the body’s defense mechanisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Activity and mechanisms could also indicate that we are hit by the symptoms of a disease. Coughing may also occur due to a body’s reaction to irritation in the throat due to the lender, food, dust, smoke, and various other causes. Cough more meaningful as a physiological reflex to protect the body and foreign objects entering the throat.

But if we are constantly hit by relentless coughing and seemed increasingly become worse over time, the physiological reaction can turn into a disease that is quite disturbing. Even if we underestimate the cough, it could be we are exposed to infection and irritation in the throat. Of course this will bring harm to ourselves.

Many people advised us to immediately drink cough medicine, both in the form of syrup or tablet. With mixed by various types of chemicals and also natural, especially for liquid cough medicine, we will feel a warm sensation thanks to the addition of these materials. But did you know that the cough can be cured only through our minds without having to take cough medicine?

To test this theory, a study conducted by experts from the University of Queensland in Australia doing trials involving multiple participants. The team, led by Stuart Mazzone asked 21 participants in the study to inhale capsaicin or a substance contained in a spicy chili and have a taste in the throat.

Previously, some participants were asked to inhale the spray which is said to contain a local anesthetic researcher named lidocain. In theory, the provision would reduce response lidocain cough, so that participants were more resistant to inhalation of vapors chili without coughing.

The results of these experiments in accordance with the expectations of the researchers. A total of 45% of the participants who had used substances lidocain no longer experience a prolonged cough. But one thing that makes the data surprising, is the fact that the researchers apparently only a placebo instead of the local anesthetic.

It shows that the participants could solve the itching and coughing that hit them with a power of the mind. In some mild cases, even the patients are often given drugs or a placebo medication empty. Evidently, interference refine cough after they consume the substance.

“This study supports previous research, the substance acts as an anti placebo medicine,” said Ronald Eccles of Cardiff University, an expert who had done similar research in the UK. “I think the key is that if the patient’s trust and have a good suggestion on treatment, then any medication (including drugs blank) fixed effects will emerge.”